The Best Hotel in Manhattan, New York for every budget

After you’ve chosen Manhattan as your next travel destination, you need to look out for the best hotel to stay. For many – certainly the first timers – a difficult task, as there are so many options. Too many really!

A decision which depends on many factors, like price, quality, services included, distance to the main attractions, ambience, rooms, luxury, et cetera.

Trying to find the best place isn’t that easy. That’s why I’ve made a selection – in consultation with Expedia – of the Best hotels in Manhattan that may help you out.

10 hotels divided in 3 segments (price per night, for a double room):

  • Budget ($100-200 ) – 4 total
  • Midrange ($200-300) – 3 total
  • High End ($300-400) – 3 total

* IMPORTANT TO KNOW: Prices may vary by the day/season. During high season prices often rise considerably, sometimes they even double. High season, being: Summer (July-August) & Holiday season (December).

* Besides that, taxes aren’t included in the price & can differ per hotel. On average you pay an extra $16 for every $100 you pay for your accommodation. Please take that into account & check the total price when you reserve a certain hotel.

Street view Manhattan, New York

Throughout this post you’ll find affiliated links provided by the Hotel platform of Expedia. Links that may help you plan your next trip to Manhattan, New York. If you click on them & reserve a room a small commission will go to me (paid by Expedia, without any extra cost to you).

  • If you want to learn a little bit more about me – a hotel owner myself, but not in Manhattan, New York – click on: Better call me Art.

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The best hotel in Manhattan, New York

For those of you who don’t feel like reading the umpteenth post on Best Hotel Choices, let me give you the best hotel option in Manhattan right here – a personal favorite:

A highly popular choice because of its price (midrange), location, friendly staff & services this hotel provides (for example, the price includes a good, healthy breakfast).

The only problem you may encounter with this popular hotel is availability. In other words, the Riu Plaza sells out quicker than most other places to stay in Manhattan.

Front view of the Riu Plaza Times Square, Manhattan.
Front view of the Riu Plaza Times Square, Manhattan.

To learn more, go to: Riu Plaza Manhattan Times Square

Criteria for hotels chosen

After studying the many options offered by, as well as the reviews/mentions on several social media I’ve made a list of the most popular hotels in Manhattan.

The criteria chosen are quite straightforward. Besides being a hotel – so, NOT an apartment or room for rent – I’ve selected places which are :

  • Centrally located (*) – Downtown/Midtown
  • Provide rooms with private bathroom (with only one excepcion)
  • Receive positive guest reviews (8.0 & over)
  • Feature excellent service & a friendly, helpful staff
  • Provide a 24-Hour Free Cancelation Policy (in accordance with Expedia)

(*) Centrally located means within walking distance of certain popular attractions. Not all! To see it all in Manhattan you’ll need transport. The metro/subway system is one way to get around. Or else, the bus, hire a cab or use the Hop-on Hop-off Tourist Bus.

View of the Tip of Manhattan from the Brooklyn side.
View of the Tip of Manhattan from the Brooklyn side.

Overview: The Best Hotels in Manhattan for every budget

Hotel prices in Manhattan can fluctuate enormously per season, but also per day. In the Comparison Chart below I’ve calculated the average cost of a double room in a month when hotel prices are moderate.

That is, outside the high season (July-August & the Holidays, like Christmas & New Years Eve), when prices go way up. Nor outside the low season (January-February), when Winter sets in & prices are generally the lowest.

BUDGETclientsdouble room/nightor learn more
Pod Times SquareMidtown West8.8$145Click here
Motto by Hilton Chelsea9.0$180Click here
The Mulberry Lower East Side9.0$199Click here
The Leo HouseChelsea8.0$149 (*b)Click here
EVEN Hotel New YorkMidtown East 8.8$234Click here
Residence Inn Marriott (*c)Financial District9.0$277 (*b)Click here
Riu Plaza NY Times SquareMidtown West8.8$283 (*b)Click here
Carnegie HotelMidtown West 9.4$323Click here
The Pearl HotelTheatre District9.4$334Click here
Residence Inn Marriott (*c)Midtown West9.0$375 (*b)Click here
  • (*a) The Average Price Range in the table below is based on taken from an off season month of March 2024.
  • (*b) Breakfast included in the price
  • (*c) Both hotels go by the same name. The first one is located Downtown, the other near Central Park.

For a more detailed description of every single hotel mentioned, see below.

Best BUDGET hotels in Manhattan, New York

Hotels which charge between $100 – $200 per night for a double room. I’ve selected 4 options, including a personal favorite which my daughter visited recently – The Leo House.

Ideal for budget travellers, but also for visitors who want to visit Manhattan a little longer – 6 days or more – and know beforehand they mainly plan to sleep & rest in the hotel.

#POD Times Square – Midtown

The POD Times Square is a 3 star-hotel in the middle of it all. Besides Times Square it’s located within walking distance from Broadway, Bryant Park, Empire State, Grand Central Station & the Rockefeller Center.

It’s a bright budget hotel featuring minimalist, but modern streamlined rooms with free Wi-Fi, plus an eatery/bar & a terrace. The hotel also provides walking tours.

Although the hotel is known as somewhat noisy – especially for light sleepers – the location & price are the pros that balance it out for most guests.

Overall client rating: 8.8 stars

To learn more, go to: The POD Times Square

Entrance to the POD Times Square, Manhattan.

#Motto by Hilton – Chelsea

The Motto is located in Chelsea, within walking distance to The Flatiron Building, Union Square, the High Line & Bryant Park – to name a few famous landmarks.

The Motto is a nice 3-star hotel with a friendly, helpful staff. It offers modern & clean rooms & also features a gym, a coffee bar & an elegant Italian bar/restaurant. The only cons I can mention are the fact that the rooms are rather small and – for the light sleepers – that the hotel can be a little noisy (more so on the weekends).

Overall client rating: 9.0 stars

To learn more, go to: The Motto by Hilton

Frontview The Motto, Chelsea, Manhattan.

#The Mulberry Hotel – Downtown/Lower East Side

The Mulberry Hotel is located in the Lower East Side neighborhood of Manhattan. Very near City Hall, the Brooklyn & Manhattan Bridge, Chinatown, Little Italy & Soho.

It’s a 3-star hotel with a friendly staff. The rooms are stylish & contemporary. Some have terraces or city views. Otherwise there’s a nice rooftop terrace which also provides good views of the city.

As with the other budget hotels presented to you here, the rooms are on the small side, while on the weekends – when many youngsters go out in Downtown Manhattan – the hotel can get a little noisy.

Overall client rating: 9.0 stars

To learn more, go to: The Mulberry Hotel

Entrance to the Mulberry Hotel, Downtown Manhattan. The best budget hotel in Manhattan.
Entrance to the Mulberry Hotel, Downtown Manhattan.

#The Leo House – Chelsea

The Leo House is somewhat of an exception. An outsider is maybe a better word. Or a different kind of hotel, with a unique concept.

The Leo House was founded as a Catholic guesthouse in 1889 – with papal certification even – and honors that concept until today. Although it’s open nowadays to everybody – independently of one’s religious beliefs – who is looking for a safe, central & friendly place to stay in Manhattan.

  • The Catholic aspect is still noticeable though. The hotel has its own small chapel. You’ll find bibles all around and the staff can provide you with spiritual guidance, if needed.

Although formally only a 2-star hotel, it’s a perfect place to stay with a friendly & helpful staff. It’s located centrally in Chelsea, and – besides being very close to a subway station – is within walking distance to the Flatiron Building, Union Square, the High Line & Bryant Park.

The clean rooms range from single beds with shared bathrooms to multi-bed family suites. Furthermore, breakfast is included in the price.

  • My daughter Lisa stayed here recently and she – as a solo traveller, 23 at the time – not only felt welcome in the Leo House, but also very safe.

So if I had to mention one aspect which may make you doubt whether to stay in this hotel, it would be the religious background or spiritual vibe, which is not for everyone. That said, in comparison to the sometimes noisier budget places mentioned above, it’s a quiet place… as quiet as quiet can be!

Overall client rating: 8.0 stars

To learn more, go to: The Leo House

Entrance to the Leo House, Chelsea, Manhattan.

Best MIDRANGE hotels in Manhattan, New York

Hotels which charge between $200 and $300 per night. Ideal for travellers who expect certain luxury or amenities, but also a price which will not break the bank. More so, if you stay a little longer and mainly sleep & rest in the hotel.

#EVEN Midtown East – Midtown

The EVEN Midtown East is a relatively new 4-star hotel in the heart of Manhattan. It is located within walking distance from Bryant Park, Grand Central Station, Times Square, the Empire State Building, as well as the Rockefeller Center.

Besides modern & cozy rooms, it has a good restaurant with tasty & healthy dining options. The focus of the hotel is wellness, reflected in its design, which features a gym & in-room fitness facilities.

The only cons I can mention is the fact that the hotel’s restaurant is relatively small, while there are few dining options in the immediate vicinity. Also, there’s no pool – something you’d probably expect because of its midrange price & a 4-star wellness-accommodation.

Overall client rating: 8.8 stars

To learn more, go to: The EVEN Midtown East

Exterior EVEN Midtown East, best hotels Manhattan.
Front view of the EVEN Midtown East.

#Residence Inn Marriott – Financial District/Downtown

The Residence Inn Marriott is located on the Tip of Manhattan. Close to the 9/11 Memorial & Museum, One World Observatory, City Hall & Bowling Green (boarding point for the Statue of Liberty).

This stylish, cozy 4-star hotel offers stylish, spacious studios. Some rooms have full kitchens (Ideal for travelers who want to save money on meals or who have dietary restrictions.

On the top floor there’s a good restaurant. Breakfast is included in the price.

The only cons I can mention is the fact that this hotel has less amenities than others in the Midrange-segment, like not having a pool.

Overall client rating: 9.0 stars

To learn more, go to: Residence Inn Marriott

Exterior view of the Residence Inn.
Exterior view of the Residence Inn.

#Riu Plaza Manhattan – near Times Square

The Riu Plaza Manhattan is a 4-star hotel. It’s not only located very close to Times Square & Broadway, but also to the Rockefeller Center (Top of the Rock). Also nearby – within walking distance – you’ll find RiseNY, as well as Central Park & Bryant Park.

The Riu Plaza is one of the, if not the most popular, hotels in Manhattan. Besides its perfect location, it gets good reviews all around & has a good bar/restaurant.

Breakfast is included in the price.

Be aware though that this hotel – because of its popularity – is often fully booked well ahead & if you’re lucky enough to reserve a room in time, it can be busy at check-in, breakfast & the elevators.

Overall client rating: 8.8 stars

To learn more, go to: Riu Plaza Manhattan Times Square

Front view of the Riu Plaza Manhattan near Times Square, one of the best hotels in New York City.
Front view of the Riu Plaza Manhattan.
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Looking up at the sky, along the skyscraper buildings of Manhattan, New York.

Best HIGH END hotels, Manhattan, New York

Hotels which charge between $300 and $400 per night. Ideal for travellers who can spend a little more and/or stay only a few days, looking for a little extra luxury & relaxation when resting in the hotel.

#The Carnegie Hotel – near Central Park

This unique 4-star hotel is just a few blocks away from Central Park. But also very near Rockefeller Center (Top of the Rock), while Times Square & Broadway are still within walking distance.

The Carnegie Hotel is a historic place with a somewhat old-fashioned vibe. However modern & chic in every detail with a professional, friendly & helpful staff.

Only cons are the somewhat smaller rooms & noise at the front caused by the busy traffic and the many visitors to the nearby Central Park.

Overall client rating: 9.2 stars

To learn more, go to: Carnegie Hotel

Entrance to the Residence Inn Marriott near Central Park.
Entrance to the Carnegie Hotel near
Central Park.

#The Pearl Hotel – Midtown, near Times Square

The Pearl Hotel is a boutique hotel located in the Theatre District, in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. It’s located just steps away from Times Square, Broadway and within walking distance of Central Park, Bryant Park & Rockefeller Center.

This 4-star hotel offers stylish and comfortable rooms & suits. As well as a variety of amenities & services that make for a pleasant stay. Some rooms have balconies with views of the city.

Although a highly popular High End hotel, be aware that because of the dense area – Midtown & very near Times Square – the rooms at the front can be noisy, while others in the back have limited views of the city.

Overall client rating: 9.4 stars

To learn more, go to: The Pearl Hotel

Entrance to the Pearl Hotel, Midtown, New York.
Entrance the Pearl Hotel, Midtown, New York.

#Residence Inn by Mariott – near Central Park

This Residence Inn Marriott – not to confuse with Midrange hotel above – is located very close to Central Park (& the Zoo). As well as Rockefeller Center (Top of the Rock), Times Square & Broadway.

Besides being conveniently located it’s a modern, contemporary 4-star hotel offering a spacious rooms & suites with beautiful views, a good restaurant & a bar with outdoor terrace + fitness room.

The only con I can mention is the noise of the surrounding area. An aspect I’ve mentioned again & again concerning most hotels in busy central Manhattan. Hard to keep outside. For light sleepers see if you can get a room on the upper floor.

Breakfast is included in the price.

Overall client rating: 8.8 stars

To learn more, go to: Residence Inn by Marriott

Entrance to the Residence Inn by Marriott, near Central Park.
Central Park, Manhattan, New York.

Best hotels in Manhattan, New York – Making your own Choice

Knowing full well that every traveller or tourist has his or her own wishes, I still hope to have made your choice for the best hotel in Manhattan a little easier.

If not, you can also find the best hotel for you in Manhattan by using the widget below:

Black & white picture of Manhattan, New York taken from the Hudson River.

Why choose Expedia to book your hotel?

If you don’t know the Expedia Hotel Platform already, let me tell you why I and so many other travellers prefer to book a hotel with them:

  • Expedia offers a Wide Selection of hotels, for Every Budget
  • Has regular Deals, Discounts & Rewards (earning points)
  • As well as a 24/7 customer support service
  • Providing a 24-Hour Free Cancellation Policy, if needed

In short, a professional, trustworthy platform to help you find the Best hotel in Manhattan & other Worldwide Destinations. But also to guide you when you have to make changes or cancel your hotel for some reason.

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